www.belk.com/gift-cards – Check Balance of Your Belk Gift Card

Overview of Belk:

Belk is an American department store chain. William Henry Belk is the founder of this company. It was founded back in the year 1888 and the headquarter is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United State. It has its branches in around 300 locations across 16 states. Belk offers shoes, accessories, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, handbags, kids ware, home decor products, wedding registry, etc.

Belk Gift Card:

Belk Gift Card is a perfect gift for your family, friends. You can gift them at any ovations, on their birthday, marriage anniversary or even in holidays. They had over 300 locations throughout the southeastern United States. So, they are satisfying the modern Southern lifestyle quite well.

Belk Gift Card – How to Purchase:

It is very easy to purchase a Gift Card form, Belk. But for the first time, you may face some problem. First, you have to sign in into their site. By following these steps, you can easily purchase a Gift Card form, Belk. Before that, you should know that they provide two types of Gift Card.

  1. Gift Card
  2. E-Gift Card

How to purchase a Gift Card:

You can purchase a Belk Gift Card by following these steps:

  • Open the official website of Belk Or you can click here www.belk.com/gift-cards
  • Then scroll down and click on Gift Card.
  • There you will find a few cards listed and you need to choose from those according to your wish
  • Select the value for your Gift Card. You can choose an amount between $25 to $200.
  • Now enter the quantity of Gift Card.
  • Now click on Add to Bag.
  • Now click on the checkout button.
  • You have to enter billing details.
  • You can pay using a Credit card or Debit card.

How to Purchase E-Gift Card:

If you wish to purchase then follow these steps:

  • Open the official website of Belk. Or you can click here: www.belk.com/gift-cards
  • Then click on E-Gift Card.
  • Then select the design for your E-Gift Card. You can also add a message.
  • Now enter the amount for your E-Gift Card. You can choose the amount between $10 to $250.
  • You can send the E-Gift Card by Email or you can send it as a print copy.


  • If you wish to send it via email then
  • Enter the Recipient Name
  • Recipient E-mail Address
  • Then enter the Purchaser Name
  • And choose the date you want it to get delivered
  • Then click on Add to bag and then Checkout button.


  • If you wish to hand-deliver it then
  • Click on the Print option
  • Enter the Recipient Name
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Now the card will deliver to your email and print it out and gift it the way you want.
  • Then click on the Check Out box to continue.

How to Check Belk Gift Card Balance:

If you already have Gift Card then check its balance before purchasing anything. For check balance you have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Belk or click on www.belk.com/gift-cards
  • There you will find Check Your Balance link just click on it.
  • Now enter the Gift Card Number and Pin Number.
  • Now click on Check Balance.



Belk Gift Card – How to Find Store:

It is very easy to find a Belk store near you. Follow these steps to find one:

  • First, visit the Belk website.
  • Now click on Find a Store link. You can redirect to the page by clicking here: www.belk.com/stores
  • Enter your Zip Code. Select the Radius around you.
  • Then select the States.
  • Now click on Search.

Belk Gift Card – How to Redemption:

You can redeem your Gift Card at any of your nearest Belk stores. You can do online shopping form, Belk. At the time of checkout input the 19-digit card number and enter the 4-digit pin.


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Terms & Conditions:

  • This card can be redeemable only at Belk stores.
  • This card has no expiration date and no maintenance fees.
  • This card will not be replaced if you lost or the card is stolen. So, treat this card as cash.
  • This card issued by the Belk Gift Card Company LLC.


Now you know how to use your Belk Gift Card. Enjoy the service that provides by Belk. For more information please visit www.belk.com.




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