Common Challenges to Overcome During Machinery Crating and Skidding

As providers of skidding services in Montebello, we understand the unique challenges involved in machinery crating and skidding. These challenges can range from complex equipment dimensions to logistical hurdles during transportation. In this blog, we will explore some of the common challenges faced in machinery crating and skidding and provide practical solutions to overcome them. Our goal is to help you navigate these obstacles effectively and ensure a successful and smooth machinery-moving process. 

  1. Complex Equipment Dimensions:  

One of the primary challenges in machinery crating and skidding is dealing with equipment that has irregular shapes, excessive weight, or delicate components. Such equipment requires careful planning and specialized techniques to ensure safe handling and transportation. 

Let’s imagine we are tasked with skidding a large printing press with intricate parts and delicate print heads. To overcome this challenge, we would employ custom crating techniques, utilizing protective materials and cushioning to secure the delicate components. Additionally, our team would carefully assess weight distribution to ensure the equipment remains stable during transport. 

2. Limited Access Points and Confined Spaces:  

Another common challenge arises when machinery needs to be moved from locations with limited access points or tight spaces. Navigating narrow hallways, doorways, or staircases can pose significant difficulties during the skidding process. 

Suppose we are required to skid a heavy industrial oven from a manufacturing facility with narrow corridors. In such cases, we would employ specialized equipment, such as low-profile skids or hydraulic jacks, to maneuver the machinery safely through tight spaces. Our experienced team would meticulously plan the route and coordinate movements to ensure a smooth and secure skidding operation. 

3. Transport Logistics and Coordination:  

Transporting machinery involves a complex web of logistics, including route planning, obtaining permits, and coordinating with transportation providers. These logistical challenges can cause delays and increase the risk of damage to the equipment. 

Let’s consider the scenario of transporting a large CNC machine to a new production facility located across the country. To overcome logistical challenges, we would collaborate with transportation experts, ensuring proper route planning and acquiring the necessary permits in advance. By coordinating with our trusted partners, we can optimize the transport process, minimize delays, and ensure the safe arrival of the machinery. 

4. Safety Compliance and Risk Management:  

Ensuring the safety of both the machinery and the personnel involved in the skidding process is of paramount importance. Adhering to safety regulations and implementing risk management strategies is crucial to mitigating potential hazards. 

Imagine we are tasked with skidding a heavy-duty forklift. To address safety concerns, our team would conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate safety measures. This may include using safety harnesses, installing barriers, and providing necessary training to the operators. By prioritizing safety compliance, we minimize the risk of accidents and protect the well-being of everyone involved. 

5. Equipment Condition and Maintenance:  

Machinery crating and skidding require careful consideration of the equipment’s condition and maintenance requirements. Neglecting equipment maintenance or overlooking critical factors can lead to operational issues and potential damage during the skidding process. 

Let’s say we are tasked with skidding a large industrial compressor. Before initiating the skidding process, we would conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment, ensuring it is in optimal condition for transport. Any necessary maintenance or repairs would be addressed before proceeding, minimizing the risk of equipment failure or damage during the skidding operation. 


Overcoming the common challenges in skidding and machinery crating services in Montebello requires expertise, meticulous planning, and effective execution. By addressing complex equipment dimensions, navigating limited access points, managing logistics, prioritizing safety compliance, and considering equipment condition and maintenance, we can ensure successful machinery moving operations. As a provider of skidding services, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions to overcome these challenges, safeguarding your equipment, and ensuring a seamless and efficient moving process

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