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Cooper Vision Rebate Claim Guidelines :

About Cooper Vision :

Cooper Vision is a renowned American manufacturer and retailer of Contact Lenses. The company was a subsidiary organization of The Cooper Companies Inc. and was incorporated in the year 1980. Currently, Cooper Vision has their headquarter at Pleasanton, CA and its business presence is broad across 100 different countries worldwide.

Cooper Vision Rebate :

If you have recently made any purchase from Cooper Vision or you have a brand fascination towards Cooper Vision and you often buy lenses from them, then you could be beneficiated from that transaction. If you have kept your last purchase receipts or shopping details safely with you, you can use them and claim a rebate from Cooper Vision against your purchase and save up to $ 100. Submitting the rebate with Cooper Vision is easy and you can easily claim for it online at their rebate website. Here in this article, we will discuss, how you can file your Cooper Vision Rebate, Check your Rebate settlement status etc. For the users, who do not have any hands-on experience with the Cooper Vision Rebate portal, can follow this article for their reference and in that way, they will be able to successfully submit their rebate claim.

Cooper Vision Rebate Rules :

There are some basic rules that you need to keep in mind, before applying for Cooper Vision Rebates –

  • You have to make a purchase of contact lenses from Cooper Vision and keep a hold of your receipt.
  • While purchasing, you have to make sure that you have made a valid product purchase which is eligible for Cooper Vision Rebate.
  • For online Cooper Vision shopping, you must keep your purchase confirmation invoice and the packing slip of the product that is delivered to you.
  • You should have a valid email address to take part in Cooper Vision Rebate Program.
  • You should be a legal resident of your country by law if you you want to claim Cooper Vision Rebate.

Cooper Vision Account Registration :

Before applying for rebate at Cooper Vision portal, you need to register your account with their online portal and below we will describe its procedure in detail –

  • First of all you need to open the official site of Cooper Vision Rebate through your web browser or you may click on the below mentioned weblink to open the desired page directly –
  • When the web page will open, there at the home page, at first you need to enter your Email Address at the desired blank space and after that click on Continue with Email, button to go to the next step.

Cooper Vision Rebate Claim

  • In the next step, you will get a form, where you have to enter the following information Confirm Email, First Name, Last Name, Password, Confirm Password, etc. and after that click on the Register button to successfully register your account with Cooper Vision portal.

Cooper Vision Rebate Submission :

Now, to submit your Rebate Claim of Cooper Vision Purchase, you can follow the below mentioned step by step instructions. The entire rebate submission process of Cooper Vision is simple and user friendly –

  • First of all you need to open the official site of Cooper Vision Rebate through your web browser or you may click on the below-mentioned web link to open the desired page directly –
  • When the web page will open, there at the top right corner of the web page, you will be able to see login button which you have to click.
  • In the next phase, you have to enter your Registered Email Address and Password which you have to enter correctly and click on Log In button.
  • You will be logged in to your Cooper vision Rebate account and after log in, you will be able to file your rebate claim.
  • After filling your Cooper Vision Rebate, you will get a rebate reference number in your registered email id which you have to save for future tracking reference.

If you follow any of the above mentioned steps accurately, you will be able to successfully submit your Cooper Vision Rebate claim. Now, after applying your rebate at Cooper Vision Rebate Portal, you need to wait to get your claim.

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Cooper Vision Rebate Processing :

  • You will get an email confirmation after submitting your Cooper Vision Rebate Claim as soon as your process is completed. Cooper Vision Rebates claim generally took some time to resolve. So after claiming Cooper Vision Rebate at Cooper Vision’s web portal, you need to wait to get your refund.

Cooper Vision Rebate Status Tracking :

You can track your Cooper Vision Rebate status after applying for the rebate at the same portal that you have visited before.

  • Open the Cooper Vision Rebate site that you have visited before through your browser or you can click on the following link –
  • Now, at the home page itself, there will be the following link Check Existing Claim which you have to click to get the Tracking option of Cooper Vision Rebate.
  • You will be redirected to another page and there you will be asked to enter your Rebate Reference Number and Registered email address and after that click on the Search button and you will be able to get the rebate status of your Cooper Vision rebate claim.

Contact Cooper Vision :

Below are some of the contact options of Cooper Vision mentioned for your reference –

  • For online information about Cooper Vision you can browse the below-mentioned link for product idea, eye consultant search and other information if required.
  • You can contact Cooper vision over email by sending your query in the following email address –
  • You can call Cooper Vision Customer Care Team in the following number 1 -877 -875 -6043 and 1 -855 -526 -6737, on Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm as per Eastern Time.
  • You can also follow Cooper Vision through their different social media accounts for latest updates, product launch, events and other important news about the company.

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