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STCU Online Bill Pay

STCU Online Bill Pay is available at the website of the credit union. STCU is a credit union based in the State of Washington. It is also known as the Spokane Teachers Credit Union. The company is regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration. The union was founded in 1934 and has its branches operational in northern Idaho.

It has over 185000 members and $2.87 billion in assets. Among the $2.8 billion assets the company is the third-largest one in terms of assets. It was voted the best credit unions as per the people reviews. If you have a loan from the STCU Credit Union you can pay bills or account holders can pay bills from their account. Using the STCU Online Bill Pay one can pay utility bills, pay loan installments, credit card bills and more. Read on for detailed information on the STCU Online Bill Pay.

What is the STCU Online Bill Pay?

If you have read the explanation above you must be familiar with the STCU Online Bill Pay. The bill payment is one of the services offered by the credit union to its account holders. If you have an active account at the bank you can pay bills by signing into your STCU account.

However, members who have not yet enrolled for online banking can enroll for an account. Once you have an active online banking account you will be able to make payment and even more.

How to Pay STCU Online Bills


  • Now sign in using username and password.
  • Once signed in you will find the bill payment button.
  • Enter the payment information and you can confirm the payment.

Pay Bills via Phone

To make payment through phone, call on 1-800-858-3750.

Provide the required data for payment via phone and you are ready to go.

How to Log in

  • If you have trouble logging in you can follow this guide.
  • To sign in open the login page.
  • Enter the username and password

Forgot Username

  • If you have lost username open the login page.
  • Click on the ‘Forgot Username’ link.
  • It will direct you to the username reset page
  • Choose whether individual or business username.
  • Complete the procedure thereafter and you can set a new username.

Forgot Password

  • The user who has lost password needs to open the login page.
  • Click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to begin.
  • To reset password agree to the disclosures and click ‘Continue’.
  • Follow the steps thereafter and you can set a new password.

How to Register

  • To register for an account one needs to open the website of STCU.
  • At the right, there is the ‘Register’ button.


  • Click on it and it will take you to a new page tagged ‘Register for Online Banking Access’.
  • Choose whether Individual or Business account.
  • Agree to the personal electronic services agreements.
  • For account registration enter the following data:
  1. STCU Member Number
  2. Last 6 Digits of Social Security Number or Tax ID
  3. Last 6 Digits Of Any Of Your 10- Or 16-Digit Acct Number
  4. Last 6 digits of your STCU Debit Card
  5. STCU identification code
  6. Birthdate
  7. Driver’s License Number or Photo ID on File
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button and it will take you to the confirmation page.

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At the end of the day, you will find the STCU Online Bill Pay a great feature. One can pay bills online or pay via phone. We hope that the guide above is helpful to you. You can have a nice time making a payment and accessing account.


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