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AFSCME stands for The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which is the largest trade union in the US. The department was founded in 1932, and has its headquarter in, Washington, D.C., United States. AFSCME recently has, 1,337,126 members.


If you have got a card from the company, then you will have to activate it if you want to use it. After you activate the card, you will be able to get access to all the services of the same. Activating your card will also help you to confirm your details.

You have to ensure that, you have grabbed the card that you want to activate before you go for the activation process. This includes the details which might be asked by the company to offering during the process.


Activate the AFSCME card


To activate this, you need to go to, www.afscmecard.org

On the page, at the middle, you will get some blanks, and here, you need to enter,


Activate The AFSCME Membership Online


  • AFSCME Member Number (Required. See membership card.)
  • Home Email Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Specify if you want to receive Text Alerts (This very plan of message and data might have rates attached.)
  • Confirm Date of Birth
  • Then, click on, ‘Activate’ in green.


The benefits of the AFSCME member card


  • AFSCME members can save 15% on the qualified monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans of AT&T.
  • Other than this, members can save 20% on select accessories from AT&T.
  • Get to save money on your next union-made car, auto insurance plan, set of tires, and much
  • AFSCME members get to save on everything from movie tickets, theme park tickets, theaters, sporting events, and so on.
  • Get movie tickets up to 30% off the regular ticket price and you can always save up to $19 per ticket at theme parks.
  • AFSCME and Eastern Gateway Community College are offering a chance to earn an online degree from an accredited school with no out-of-pocket expense for the students. Family members can also take advantage of this very benefit.
  • You can get a great deal on flights, hotels, car rentals, entertainment and so on.
  • You can always get the AFSCME Advantage credit card from Capitol One which is designed to meet the needs of all the union members.
  • With this card get to earn 1.5% cash rewards on everyday purchases, you have to pay no annual fee, and avail 0% APR for the first 15 months of the card opening.
  • You will also get some extra discounts on car rentals and cell phone bills. Cardholders of AFSCME are also eligible for hardship grants in case of job loss, disability, or unexpected hospital costs and so on.


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Contact details


If you want to contact the AFSCME, you need to call on, 855-AFSCME1.



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