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HAPO Credit Union Online Bill Pay

The HAPO Credit Union is a member-owned financial services provider based in the United States. It offers a wide range of financial services and products to the customers including banking services including savings, loans, and another financial service. It is a credit union that provides a great value to its customers. Usage is easy and convenient which allows customers to feel more comfortable while they are using the services.

The credit union is also known as Hanford Atomic Products Operations in short HAPO. If you have a loan account, credit card or any other credit service or account at the HAPO Credit Union you will be required to make a payment. Read the guide below for detailed information on the HAPO Credit Union Payment.

What is the HAPO Credit Union Online Bill Pay?

HAPO Credit Union Online Bill Pay is one of those features offered by the credit union to its customers. The online payments center is quick and secure. One can access the portal anytime and anywhere they wish. You simply need to visit the website of HAPO and sign in for account access. The user should have an online account at the credit union and an internet-connected device.

Furthermore, there are a few other ways of making payment. You can use those methods if you dislike or do not prefer online payment. The guide below features enough information on the HAPO Credit Union Online Bill Pay.

HAPO Credit Union Bill Payment

Pay Online

  • Customers of the credit union can make an online payment at the website of HAPO. However, the online payment charges a $12 as a fee.
  • Open the URL to get started. www.hapo.org
  • At the top right of the screen, there is the log in section.
  • Enter the username and click ‘Login’.


  • Once signed in there is the payment tab.
  • Enter the required payment information to make a payment.
  • Complete filling the payments form and you can confirm the payment.

Pay by Phone

To make payment using a phone, call on 1-509-943-5676. Once the call is connected you must respond to the prompts and enter desired data.

Pay In Person

  • To make a payment in person one needs to visit a HAPO Credit Union branch.
  • You can find a HAPO Credit Union banking location nearby using their locator page.
  • Once you are inside the credit union you can pay at the payments counter.

How to Log in

  • If any user is willing to access their HAPO account they should open the website of HAPO. www.hapo.org
  • At the top right of the website, a login section is there.
  • Enter username and click on ‘Login’ button which is at the right.

How to Sign Up

  • In order to sign up for a new account open the homepage of HAPO.
  • Now locate the login section which is usually at the top right corner of the webpage.
  • Beside the login button, there is the ‘Sign Up’ button.


  • Click on it to proceed with the process.
  • Now a website labeled ‘Welcome to HAPO Online Banking’ opens.
  • To register to enter the following details:
  1. HAPO account number
  2. ZIP Code associated with the account
  3. Last 6 Digits of SSN

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The HAPO Credit Union bills can be paid through a number of ways. If you wish to make the payment then we hope you surely found the guide above handy. Once you complete the payments procedure you will receive the confirmation message. Well, this was all we could provide on the HAPO Credit Union.



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