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The Gartner Studio started was founded in 1998. This is a state-of-the-art product development firm which has its headquartered in the Still water, Minnesota. The company’s main office is the original Post Office of the town. The Gartner Studio has offices in worldwide basis and they employ product developers, skilled creatives, sourcing professionals, and manufacturing . The focus of the company is on the building of exclusive and unique design, and have, top quality manufacturing, entrepreneurial spirit, and have the reasonable pricing. In recent days, the company is recognized as a leader, it is one of the best when it comes to creating DIY products to celebrate special occasions. They offer over 7000 sku’s through specialty stores and that is available in the major retailers in North America.


Gartner Studios Vision And Mission

The Gartner Studios’ goal is to inspire people to celebrate the everyday events with life and that must consist style. For that they provide exceptional design & top quality products. The company is well-known for an extensive line of the party goods as well as stationery products. They make designs, manufacture, and then distribute the celebration range to influence the customers so they can connect in a better way with their loved ones. Ifyou are looking for a great design concept or you need a finished product, you can alwaysleave the responsibility on the company’s services.


Special Offers from Gartner studios

You will get exceptional designs, the company also offers some exciting exclusive offers. Such as, there is currently a Shipping with Return special offer that you can always take advantage of. You can even enjoy the free shipping on the orders that are $50 or above. There is a ‘Sale’ tab you will see on their website that you can avail access to explore the following items:


  • Lifestyle + Accessories Sale
  • Party + Events Sale
  • Whiteout Sale
  • School + Office Sale
  • Sale on stationary


The Shipping Methods And Transit Times

The transit times of the products from this official site, and it vary according to the shipping method you have chosen. The Parcel Selection Sure Post method will take 1 to 6 business days. The UPS Ground method generally takes 1 to 5 business days. There is also a UPS Second Day Air method which takes only 2 business days for the delivery. If you are in need of an urgent delivery, then, you can avail the UPS Next Day AIR option and ittakes only 1 business day for the delivery to your home.


Get the online template

To get it, you need to visit, www.michaels.com/celebrate.it.templatesGartner Studios To Find Online Template

  • Here, on the page, just at the left side of the company logo, click on, ‘Find your template’.
  • On the directed page, at the middle left side, you have to put the SKU and click on, ‘Find my template’.
  • To find the SKU you need to look for the 5 digit barcode, of a product from this website, this is the SKU.


Register for Gartner studios

To register, you have to venture to, www.michaels.com/celebrate.it.templates

Here, at the top right side, at the right side of the company logo, click on, ‘Sign in’.

Here, you will get a drop-down, and you have to press on, ‘My account’.login Gartner Studios New Customer Account

On the directed page, at the left side you have to click on, ‘Create an account’.Create Gartner Studios  New Customer Account

Here, you have to enter,

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • You can also sign up for the newsletters by clicking on the left side box.
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Type the validation code
  • Then from the right bottom side click on, ‘Submit’.


Logging into the account

To log in you need to go to, www.michaels.com/celebrate.it.templates

  • Here, at the top right side, at the right side of the company logo, click on, ‘Sign in’.
  • Here, you will get a drop-down, and you have to press on, ‘My account’.
  • On the directed page, at the right side, you have to enter,
  • The email address
  • The confirmed password
  • Then, click on, ‘Login’.


Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login details of Gartner studios , then you need to go to the same page login box, here, under the password blank you will get the option for, ‘Forgot your password?’.

  • Here you have to input the registered Email Address
  • Type the validation code.
  • After typing this you have to click on, ‘Submit’.

Do follow the prompts after this and you will get back the details.

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Contact details

If you want to contact the Gartner studios, you need to call on, +1 888-235-0484. Or you can send a mail to, 220 Myrtle St E, Stillwater, MN 55082, USA .



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