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How to Pay Pacific Gas & Electric Bill:

There are around 23,000 workers who complete The PG&E business is well-flourished than any other gas business the transmission and services of energy. The organization gives flammable gas and electric support of roughly 16 million individuals all through a 70,000-square-mile administration zone.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company and other energy organizations in the state are managed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Their hydroelectric framework gives protected, solid and clean energy. The historical backdrop of this hydroelectric organization goes back to the California Gold Rush. Administration.

PG&E Online Bill Pay:

  • To pay the bill online you need to login and for that open the page www.pge.com
  • As the page appears at the center you will get the login widget. You have to provide information such as

PGE Pacific Gas Login

  • The username, password now click on, ‘Sign in’ button.

Recover PG&E Login Details:

  • To recover the login details open the page,www.pge.com
  • After the page appears in the login widget hit on, ‘Forgot username’ button.
  • In the next screen provide account associated email click on, ‘Submit’ button.
  • For password recover click on, ‘Forgot password?’ button. You have to enter
  • The username hit on, ‘Next’ button.

Sign Up for PG&E Account:

  • To sign up for the account open the page, www.pge.com
  • Once the page appears in the login widget click on, ‘Register’ button.
  • In the next screen you have to choose the customer type. If you are a new consumer select between residential or business.
  • You have to follow the prompts.

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PG&E Visitor Bill Payment:

  • As the page appears at the center you will get the login widget. You have to click on, ‘Visitor’ button.
  • You will be forwarded to the next screen you have to provide
  • Choose your account, account number, last four numbers of social security or last name, zip code, last four numbers of social security.
  • Now click on ‘sign in’ button.
  • For business you have to enter your tax ID.

PG&E Automated Bill Pay:

  • You can set up autopay process and for this you have to login to your account.
  • You have to open the page, www.pge.com
  • As the page appears login to your account set the payment.

PG&E Bill Payment by Phone:

  • You can pay through a mobile phone and pay the bill through automated prompts.
  • You have to call on, 1-877-704-8470.

PG&E Bill Payment by Mail:

  • To pay by mail you can post the payment through cash or check
  • Send it to, P.O. Box 997300. Sacramento, CA 95899-7300.

PG&E Bill Pay in Person:

Important Services of Pacific Gas and Electric:

  • PG&E Net Metering: As of the hour of composing this article, PG&E will pay you somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 pennies for every kilowatt-hour for the overabundance power you ship off the matrix. Remember, these rates are commonly not as much as what a great many people pay PG&E for the power they draw from the matrix. Your smartest option for setting aside cash with PG&E is to attempt to move as a lot of your energy utilization to during the day when your sunlight based is producing the most force.
  • PG&E’s TOU-B Plan: This arrangement might be best for the individuals who utilize the most force during the week. Shockingly, PG&E won’t uncover the rates for this arrangement to non-clients or they’d share the real rates with you. You can get a good deal on this arrangement by limiting your utilization of intensity during the pinnacle rate long periods of 4 PM to 9 PM. Since weekend and occasion rates are equivalent to non-weekend day rates, which day of the week you use force won’t influence the amount you are charged under this arrangement.
  • PG&E’s TOU-C Plan: This arrangement charges off-top rates from 9 PM to 4 PM, and on-top rates from 4 PM to 9 PM on non-weekend days. For non-weekend days and occasions, this arrangement charges the equivalent off-top rates for the whole day. This arrangement might be best for the individuals who can move a portion of their electrical use to ends of the week, to evade top rate hours.
  • PG&E Rate Plans: As of this current article’s composition, PG&E still offers the EV-B plan. This arrangement can possibly offer the best investment funds to qualifying candidates who own an EV and home batteries. This arrangement has an overly off-top pace of 14 pennies for every kilowatt-hour. At that point it charges an off-top pace of 29 pennies for each kilowatt-hour from 3 PM to 4 PM, and afterward again from 9 PM to 12 PM. The on-top rate is 54 pennies for every kilowatt-hour from 4 to 9 PM. These rates apply seven days every week.

PG&E Contact Help:

If you are looking for more help options call on, 1-800-743-5000.

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